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La Faute Comes for “The Crown” in Frosty New Song

Toronto’s mysterious, brooding La Faute has crawled from the depths to deliver a third taste of her first-ever LP Blue Girl Nice Day.

La Faute - "The Crown" album art
La Faute - "The Crown" album art

Peggy Messing’s recently-unveiled solo project intends to envelop “themes of surface vs. depth, longing, betrayal, mourning and desire” into her songcraft. Released ahead of her debut full-length effort, “The Crown” is a perfect introduction to Messing’s multimodal approach. The cut is led by an intro that toes the line between eerie and dreamy. “Our voices sound strange up here,” an unknown figure describes, “Do you hear that?”

“The Crown”‘s inception started with a surreal dream La Faute once had, where she was able to see someone close to her who had passed away. She began to ponder the potential existence of ghosts, and whether or not they are just bundles of memories kept by their loved ones. Amidst dusky, darkly minimalistic production, Messing delivers evocative lyrics like “Driving in the night when the lights went out / Was I awake or was I dreaming / One-way sign turned around / I said Yeah, I know the feeling” in a hushed, yet expressive tone.

Messing takes listeners through her lucid state, narrating the blurry images she stumbles upon while in her own sleep-induced world. The song itself is a disorienting experience, where the plot details of said dream become more and more unclear as time goes on. “Was it me or someone else / Wearing the crown?” La Faute ponders, “I could rearrange my face / Or let it fade out / Maybe you’re just somewhere else / Walking around.”

The often incoherent nature of dreams is directly translated into the often cryptic, haunting lyricism of “The Crown.” Despite insisting “I know the secret now,” Messing is as unsure as the listener why the subject of her dream chose to appear before her. Maybe it’s their ghost, or maybe it’s the memory of them begging to be remembered.

“The Crown” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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