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Kristin Kelly Has Something Worth Saying

by Edward Miskie

Kristen Kelly is celebrating her return to the music scene and country music with her latest 2021, multi-part album Something Worth Saying, pt. 1. With a pedigree that includes a top 30 slot on Billboard, one of the first female artists inducting into the Country Music Television’s Next Women of Country Campaign, and a touring history that would knock any aspiring musician off their feet, all I have to ask is “what took so long”? Even Netflix got on board, featuring her 2020 release “Ashes” in season 7, episode 1 of The Ranch.

A Waco, Texas country girl, Kristen grew up singing in churches, talent shows, and choirs which cultivated her interest in poetry and writing. Having grown up around a country music recording artist, Sterling Kelly, she knew exactly what to do with her newly nurtured skills. But her rise to success is one of fairytales; a chance bartending shift in 2001

Kelly toured with such country giants as Rascal Flatts, Alan Jackson, and Willie Nelson; with that under her guitar strap, one wouldn’t expect anything less than the perfect quintessential country album from Kelly. Her haunting vocals give wind to a nostalgic era of country music on a backdrop of a modernized playlist of originals. But especially in “Rich Folk$” – where the guitar lick takes you down-home with “Billy’s chain-smoking while he’s dumping his change in the video poker machine” further painting a picture of a shanty where “the whiskey’s cold, and the beer is cheap” begging the question “I wonder what the rich folks are doin’ tonight?” – one can hear Kristen’s early career in the Grand Ole Opry all over this album with a nice updated sound similar to Sara Evans, Sheryl Crow, or Carrie Underwood. In addition to “Something Worth Saying pt. 1”, make sure to check out her viral Spotify hit “Ex-Old Man” and “Country Music”.

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Edward Miskie

NYC based singer, actor, voiceover artist, author, writer, & cancer survivor. Glutton for historical fun facts and charcuterie boards. More at

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