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Kovey Coles Releases Metaphoric and Progressive Track, “Temporary Hold” About Black Americans in Society

The Alchemist

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter from the Charlottesville area in Virginia (now residing in Los Angeles and has also lived in Tokyo, Beijing, and New York), Kovey Coles creates electric alternative hip-hop in new psychedelic rock and indietronica track, “Temporary Hold.” In the vein of other left-of-center creatives like Frank Ocean, Steve Lacey, King Krule, and BROCKHAMPTON, his sound is both progressive and openly inspired by wide reaching musical styles. Kovey Coles focused on his big mission to craft compelling, ambitious, and earnest songs after teaching himself how to play the guitar when he was 14 and having a collegiate stint as a spoken word poet. His lyrics and composition on this song showcase his brilliant and artistic talent.

According to nomad, Kovey Coles, “This song was inspired by how consumerism and capitalism exploit black Americans. “She” in the lyrics is a metaphor for a society that embraces blackness only when it is profitable, similar to a bank that “holds” your money when they want your business but don’t trust you personally.” Impressively, he wrote, produced, and performed the whole song, including the guitar sections and solo. If you are a fan of Tame Impala, Gorillaz, Frank Ocean, Trippie Redd, Teezo Touchdown, Kid Cudi, and/or Kanye West, we recommend you check out Kovey Coles! To hear more from Kovey Coles, check out his electro-R&B duo, Browni.

Check out “Temporary Hold” below.

This track has been added to our Alchemical Weekly YouTube Playlist. Have a listen!

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