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Koshari Take The World By “Storm”

By Edward Miskie

The Cranberries are making a comeback! Just kidding they’re not, but if they were I imagine shoegaze/alternative rock band Koshari (Barbara Western, Bryan Baxter,  Brian Moran, David Gassmann) is close to what they would be cranking out today. Koshari’s single “Storm” bombards with a busy chaos of a storm around a subliminal message tied to social and environmental issues that have plagued society as a whole. Referencing protests, fires, and floods as a ‘thundery sound’, “Storm” takes you on a metaphoric journey of the recent past stating ‘forces call, my strength now is found’. Perhaps their intention was not to write a protest song, but it seems, through the imagery of its corresponding music video, that that is exactly what they have done. Vocalist Barbara Wester notes, “Writing these lyrics during this tumultuous time allowed me to vent some deep emotions.”

No strangers to the DMV area, Koshari has been producing and performing their signature sounds since 2001’s Disenchanted EP. “Storm” is the lead single from their brand new 2021 release The Deep Divide – Side A recorded at 38 North Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA with Sean Russell. The tracks were mixed by Russell and Koshari, except for “The Phoenix”, which was mixed by Harry Glee Evans and Koshari. All of the tracks were mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya. The Deep Divide – Side A is a two-part concept EP that will be joined with it’s counterpart (The Deep Divide – Side B) as a full-length album upon completion, which is expected to release summer of 2021. Check out “Storm” below and the rest of the tracks from Side A via Bandcamp.

Edward Miskie

NYC based singer, actor, voiceover artist, author, writer, & cancer survivor. Glutton for historical fun facts and charcuterie boards. More at

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