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Kenny Golder Jr. Drops, “No Pity”

by The Alchemist

Kenny Golder Jr. is a new artist born in Baltimore, MD that is currently attending Arizona State. He just recently dropped his newest project, “Sophomore Slump” which features 3rdOcean, Yuhng Haze, Z. Lew, and Jugg Team Kari. The album features 12 extremely catchy tracks but our favorite is called “No Pity.”

This song has some incredible production that resembles that of some of Kendrick Lamar’s or School Boy Q’s tracks. The song itself is talking about the progression from basement rapping to selling out shows; the progression that almost every rapper with a dream must go through. When the hook comes, it immediately makes you want to jump, and if this song is played at a house party, I guarantee it’ll get the party jumping. Check out the track below.


The Alchemist

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