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Kemi Adegoroye Pays Tribute to R&B Icons With “In My Corner”

Jazz and soul-inspired singer/songwriter Kemi Adegoroye breathes new life into the ‘90s and early 2000s R&B style with her latest release, “In My Corner,” co-written with Chris Hon.

Kemi Adegoroye - “In My Corner
Kemi Adegoroye - “In My Corner" album art

Kemi Adegoroye is a DC-based artist with a soulful voice that ranges from sweet and soothing to powerful and resounding. For her newest single, “In My Corner,” the singer/songwriter teamed up with DC-based instrumentalist and producer Chris Hon to create a song reminiscent of the ‘90s and early 2000s R&B sound while remaining unique to Adegoroye as an artist.  Pulling inspiration from R&B legends such as Brandy, TLC, and Tatyana Ali, “In My Corner” is a tribute to the genre’s most iconic love songs about appreciating the beauty and magic of true love.

Also serving as the frontwoman of DC’s jazz and R&B band Terra Firma, Kemi Adegoroye released her first original song, “The Man Who Stole the Moon,” on Valentine’s Day 2020. Inspired by 2010’s Despicable Me, the track also holds a spot on her 2021 debut EP, For the Record. Her earliest solo release is from 2019, a captivating rendition of Arise, O Compatriots (The National Anthem of Nigeria).

“In My Corner” was developed over multiple writing and recording sessions between Adegoroye and Chris Hon, where the two discussed their favorite R&B hits and what made those songs special. The result was a beautifully produced track with a strong, infectious backbeat supported by stacked background vocals, gentle percussion, and a rhythmic organ melody. Those elements paired with Adegoroye’s euphonious voice crooning out uplifting, heartfelt lyrics give “In My Corner” a timeless and enticing essence that will have listeners dancing along the whole time.

The beauty of “In My Corner” isn’t limited to the song’s sonic components. Kemi Adegoroye’s heartwarming lyrics tell of what can only be described as true love. The intense feelings of joy, appreciation, and comfort portrayed in the song illustrate a nurturing relationship where the connection is deep and the love is pure. And the smile heard in Adegoroye’s voice as she sings is the cherry on top of it all.

From the gorgeous production to the sweet, sentimental lyrics, “In My Corner” by Kemi Adegoroye and Chris Hon is a sensational track. Influenced by some of R&B’s biggest icons of the ‘90s and early 2000s, “In My Corner” has a nostalgic ambiance that pays homage to the genre’s roots. However, Adegoroye and Hon’s individual personal flairs ensure the song remains distinctive and still has a contemporary feel. Listeners are sure to fall in love with “In My Corner” immediately and then want to fall in love for real.

“In My Corner” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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