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Keep Summer Flowing with “Daytrippin” by Iration

Iration released their newest album, Daytrippin, on October 6th.

The Hawai’i-based band takes it back to their roots on their newest album.

In a spacey, red background, a white hand is coming out of a yellow gate. There is a beach, and abstract shapes around the sand. Around the entire image is a red border that says Iration in white text on the bttom, and Daytippin in white text at the top.
Iration - "Daytrippin" Album Art - provided by artist.

While their 2020 album, Coastin’,  had a bit more of an electronic influence on their reggae-fusion, this newest album strips that away. Instead, it has the nostalgic feeling of the rock-reggae fusion first heard in Hotting Up, released in 2015. For anyone else who is missing the summer heat and freedom as the season changes, this album is the perfect way to keep that energy up.

While the album is full of the grooviest of vibes, the second track, “Can’t Look Back” is one of the stronger pieces. The repeating of the choppy guitar associated with their reggae sounds under the intense guitar and brass of rock perfectly encapsulates the energy they are trying to create. The titular track is another great song, with fun harmonies and an exciting storyline that takes us through a trip (in more ways than one) in Mexico gone bizarre. If you’re interested in bands like Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong, check out the new album!

With the new album, they are also going on a headlining tour of the U.S. While their tour started in Las Vegas the day the album came out, they are making their way to the DMV area in early November. First, they are playing The Fillmore Silver Springs in Silver Springs, Maryland on November 4th. A few days later, on November 7th, they will be in Richmond, Virginia, playing at  The National. The shows both come with support from Artikal Sound System and Cydeways. You can get tickets and more information regarding their tour here.

“Daytrippin” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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