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Kate Brunotts Releases Ethereal, Nostalgic Single ‘PROJECTIONS’

By Linc Bradham

Kate Brunotts has been on the Alchemical radar for some time now, and it’s easy to see and hear why within a few moments of listening to her cascading, dreamy, and polished soundscapes. Her music is something that blends pop and electronica all set to a backdrop of heartfelt, beautiful, and talented vocal performances.

Brunotts, a Northern Virginia native, is just getting started with her musical career in New York City, but it seems like it won’t be long before she takes the rest of the country – and eventually the rest of the world – by storm. Drawing on such varied influences as Lorde; Tyler, The Creator; and Maggie Rogers, Kate Brunotts calls for us to get lost in the ethereal fantasy that is her music, and this beckoning is effortless to answer once you hear what she has to offer.

In her newest single, “PROJECTIONS,” Kate has found success in her songwriting, sampling, and serenading once again, in writing a song with self-described abstract lyrics, which set the stage for the incredible instrumentation and sampling.

“This song feels like August to me— hot, sticky, and nostalgic. It’s also the first single off of ‘all caps’ EP coming September 24,” says Brunotts.

This newest EP of hers is self-produced, but the production quality sounds anything but, and it’s absolutely amazing to hear her harmonies and finger snaps with some of the sweetest reverb this side of the sun. We wish it were maybe just a little bit longer, but there’s something to be said for leaving your audience wanting more!

Catchy and fun while still maintaining maturity in not only subject matter but also delivery, “PROJECTIONS” is an absolute smash of a tune, and can be not only listened to, but also enjoyed here.

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Linc Bradham

Linc Bradham

Linc Bradham is an American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, audio engineer, and songwriter originally from Savannah, GA. He has resided in the DMV for the last three years and has served in the active-duty Army for the last 12 years. He is in the process of switching Army careers into the Army Field Band as an audio engineering professional, with long-term goals of promoting music education in America and the Middle East.

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