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Kate Brunotts Is More Than ‘PROJECTIONS’ on the Wall

By Jaci Jedrych

New York-based Kate Brunotts is carving herself out a space in the crowded music scene with her newest single, “PROJECTIONS,” dropping on August 20.

Brunotts is a freshly minted New Yorker, and her unique sonic feats set her apart from the crowd. She is present in the popular indie/bedroom pop scene, but genre doesn’t define her sonic expression. She acts as producer, singer, songwriter, and music engineer for her tracks, creating a sound that is uniquely hers.

Brunotts’ latest single creates a shimmering soundscape in which listeners can revel. The track’s production blends the vocals, backing, and electronic elements to make a song that feels cohesive, bridging the gaps and making a unified sound. It gives it an open-space feel, floating the listener through outer space.

Fans of Transviolet or VÉRITÉ should check out Kate Brunotts’ music. Her sound balances production and organic sound to create a beautiful sphere of sound, encapsulating and charming listeners.

Check out Brunotts’ latest music video below, and prepare to experience her new single on August 20. 

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Jaci Jedrych

Jaci Jedrych is a World Politics student at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She loves going to concerts and exploring different genres, and has a passion for arts and news writing.

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