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Junior Choir puts listeners on “Pins and Needles”

Junior Choir released a dynamic and highly evolving indie pop-rock track called “Pins and Needles” in December 2022. If this is your first exposure to it, it is worth the wait.

When the intro begins, “Pins and Needles” reminded me of a certain tonality heard on the Breach album released by The Wallflowers in 2000. As the song begins, the music lends itself to a certain whimsy that amplifies those happy vibes with a softer, sweeter delivery. Then, a quiet breakdown surprises (spoilers) listeners with the introduction of horns before being swept away by the launch of electric guitar energy; as the song progresses it develops into something a bit more anthemic from its starting point.

These kinds of genre-bending alternative rock tracks have become something of a stape for Junior Choir, an American alternative/post-punk rock band, formed in the Twin Cities (Minnesota), United States, in 2019. Vocalist and guitarist Jesse Baker and bassist Ben Wilson initially began recording in Ben’s home studio in St. Paul, with drummer Ryan Waldermarson and then guitarist Jake Carlson joining the lineup as the band continued writing and recording new music.

The band released their debut EP Light & Dark in 2019, followed by The Plans We Made EP the next year, and in just the time it’s taken us to share this essential song with you, Junior Choir have already followed that up with the release of “I Do” and “Through the Aether”.

Find “Pins and Needles” on the Junior Choir Bandcamp as well as the Alchemical Records Miltigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.


Daniel Warren Hill

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