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Jughead’s Revenge are Done Building “Bridges” Ahead of Their Comeback EP

The iconic “skate punk” band Jughead’s Revenge has been a mainstay of the genre since 1990, and pick up their streak of unapologetic attitude where it left off on their brand new single.

Jughead's Revenge "Bridges" album art

Jughead’s Revenge have remained mostly quiet since the release of their last full-length album, Pearly Gates, all the way back in 1999. Throughout the decade, the group made a name for themselves with their tongue-in-cheek, sometimes-parodical punky edge. Their indefinite hiatus was essentially forced onto them in 2001, as Archie Comics infamously filed to sue Jughead’s Revenge for lifting their name from a central character in the series.

Now, with the lawsuit and two decades behind them, Jughead’s Revenge have announced an extended play, Vultures, containing five completely new compositions. “Bridges” is the first teaser of things to come, and feels like both a return to form and a natural continuation. The track feels straight out of an early 2000s pop culture staple film, with lively, thrashing guitar and lyrics to match.

“I’ve been on stage and I’ve been in jail,” lead singer Joe Doherty admits, “What good are bridges that you burn? / When all the bad things just return.” The song harkens back to the band’s rollercoaster of a past, and the struggles and hardships that came with it. While instrumentally very much a classic song of the moody, melodramatic side of punk, “Bridges” feels a bit more learned and contemplative.

All in all, however, Jughead’s Revenge are still very much themselves on their first song of the 21st century. “Fucking tourists,” Doherty bemoans, “staring up at mountains that we have to climb” speak to their natural inclination to air their grievances about anyone that stands in their way. The band has stood the test of time for a reason, and will hopefully dip their toes into the punk revival on Vultures.

“Bridges” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. The Vultures EP is out May 5, and can be pre-ordered on limited edition red and black splatter vinyl here.

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