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Joensuu 1685 Release New Album,ÖB, After 8-Year Hiatus.

The Alchemist

In the late 00s, surrounded by snowy fields in a small red studio building in Ostrobothnia, Finland-based rock band Joensuu 1685 started recording their second full-length album ÖB. However, that album was left unfinished when the band suddenly took a break in 2010, a break that ended up lasting eight years. The band made their return at Flow Festival in 2018, and after that performance Mikko, Markus and Risto Joensuu also returned to their unfinished album. The finished ÖB is a little different to the version they left behind them in 2010 – they re-recorded the songs and freshened up the lyrics, arrangements and compositions. But the final version stays true to the original vision of the album. The songs on the album have parts written across a decade, some from back in 2009, as well as new touches added in 2019. The album begins with a welcoming invitation to waiting fans with the lead track “Hey My Friend (We’re Here Again),” and dives into the multitude of influences the band displays, seemingly without catering to one specific genre.

The Alchemist

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