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Joel James Drops Track About Quarantine, “A Little Heavy on the Nevermind”

Joel James is the type of musician that you definitely kind of think you’ve heard of, but you have no idea who he is. Especially if you live in Melbourne as he is most likely singing in all your favorite pubs every weekend!

100% independent and self taught in every field and with a title almost as long as Daenerys Targaryen, Joel James is a multi-instrumentalist Singer/Songwriter, cover artist, and producer with a keen ear for sound engineering and the delicate touch of a mastering engineer.

He found his way while busking Melbourne’s streets, his roots are Pop Rock, he has too many favourite bands to choose one that influences him the most, but music is all he has ever done. He loves playing with big drums and blending orchestral sounds into his songs, attempting to create music in a modern direction with vintage intentions.

His newest song is called, “A Little Heavy on the Nevermind” and it is a very catchy overall tune. The video for the track revolves around the feelings that happen during the months of quarantine. It talks of the stress and anxiety that quarantine has brought on many people.

“This song is a piece of what lockdown feels like. How days often feel the same as the last and time almost seems to stop. And since our human touch is being ignored, we’re so desperately looking for any reason to have a conversation. Singing “Give me a reason to apologize”, almost begging for interaction even if it isn’t the positive kind,” says James.

Check out the video below.

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