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Jeff Draco’s ‘Fall For Another Day’ Is Love at First Listen

By Cynthia Gross

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On November 19, Maryland-based artist and viral TikToker Jeff Draco released his latest single, “Fall For Another Day,” a bright, catchy pop track that explores romantic longing and the tradeoffs of distance relationships. Draco’s confident, mature composition defies his 21 years of age in the best of ways, showcasing his songwriting proficiency informed by his lived experiences.

“’Fall For Another Day’ is super personal to me and walks through the emotions and experiences of a long-distance relationship,” explains Draco. “It’s somewhat of a ‘letter’ to a partner, giving the reassurances of commitment despite being separated by thousands of miles.”

Audiences note that the nostalgic lyrics of the song are paired with an upbeat, bouncy musical composition. “Too many nights that I’m falling asleep / With your face in my mind next to me,” Draco sings in the opening lines of “Fall For Another Day,” backed by a jangly guitar riff and soaring drums.

“I began writing this track on acoustic guitar and it started out as a mid-tempo, softly sung song – but once I sat down in the studio and began building out the song, somewhere along the way, I figured out that I wanted to create something upbeat and danceable, while also hitting the heartstrings.”

The song was written, recorded, and self-produced by Jeff Draco in collaboration with his band: Josh Poggioli, George Turner, and Roberto Capoccia.

Throughout “Fall For Another Day,” Draco creates a tension between distance and closeness – both lyrically and symbolically. “Closer than I ever was / You would not believe all of the things I saw, we got closer,” he sings in the bridge. “Fall For Another Day” suggests that long-distance relationships can be both effective and stronger because of the physical distance between two lovers.

Draco is living a sweet, modern love story, one that seems to be in the honeymoon phase. “Nothing should change I can see down the line / Just gotta love her and treat her just right,” he sings. Despite the blissful, do-no-wrong sentiments conveyed in the song that are clearly characteristic of new love, romantics in any stage of their relationship want to believe in Draco’s dreamy serenade to his partner.

To date in 2021, Draco has attracted 3 million+ views and 400k+ likes on TikTok, and he is just getting started. In September, the social media sensation headlined the first show at Songbyrd DC’s new location in Union Market, playing alongside Moontide Gallery and The Never Ending Fall. Upon graduation with a degree in marketing from the University of Maryland, Draco, currently in his senior year, plans to move to LA to focus solely on his music career.

Fans of Dayglow, The Cure, and Gus Dapperton will identify with Jeff Draco’s instantly affecting, infectious sound and musical depth. Jeff Draco is a welcome rising star to the DMV pop scene, and his latest single, “Fall For Another Day,” is an overwhelming love at first listen.

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Cynthia Gross

Cynthia Gross is a freelance writer and award-winning spiritual pop artist based in Maryland. With more than a decade of experience as an executive ghostwriter, she understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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