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Ja’Vell Drops Inspiring Video, “Unfortunate Times”

Ja’Vell is an artist that was born in Chicago, but currently lives in the Carolina’s. Music has been his life since the early years, and recently he has been taking his music to the next level by building his catalog. He is focused on building a local fan base and honing in on his craft currently, while also internalizing growth as a man, and mapping everything out while also being an example for his 5-year-old daughter, Journee.


He recently has dropped a video titled, “Unfortunate Times.” It speaks on the inequality that continues to go on in the world, and it shows that Ja’Vell is fighting for justice! This is a great song to help inspire people to continue to fight for the Black Lives Matter movement. Ja’Vell states, “Unfortunate times call for change so that we as people can rightly have the yearned fortunate times. Equality across the board for all human walks of life,” We can all take something from this quote, and continue to fight for integrity, justice and equality! Check out the video below.

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