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Jacob Green Says There’s “No Reason To Stop”

Eric Althoff

There’s no better time for the blues than while we’re still all prevented from gathering together to enjoy music together.  We will do so again soon, but meantime, you just gotta keep singing the blues.  Thus Jacob Green entreats the universe—as well he should—with “No Reason to Stop,” a plaintive, gently wailing song that, despite its pessimistic title, is actually rather upbeat.  “No Reason to Stop” provides a toe-tapping tour through this most soulful of all music genres—and actually infuses blues with some soul to boot.  The finger-picking Green complements with some truly heartfelt lyrics.  It’s insanely simple, but then again, that’s what the blues is: three chords lamenting past hurt while looking toward the future.  Give it a deserved listen below.

Stay tuned for more, as Green has another album brewing for March called “No End in Sight.”  Meantime, you can kick back with “No Reason to Stop.”

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