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Jaclyn Rachelle Doesn’t Care and Neither Should You

by Malik Hall

Los Angeles’ Jaclyn Rachelle doesn’t care what you think, and I mean literally. Her new single “I Don’t Care” is an anthem for those being held back by a hater’s negativity. Rachelle makes it point to inspire the listener to not give a fuck and liberates them to be exactly who they want to be; the chorus of the 2:33 long track is cutting and to the point. She puts it simply, ”I’m a real bitch, I ain’t taking your shit.” You can visualize those who fueled the track’s creation being left speechless after one listen. Her departure from R&B is a complete contrast from 2019’s “LMK” which conveys a sense of longing for a lover and the message more in line with her single “Get Back”. ᴙozéI produced “I Don’t Care,” so be prepared for accompanying visuals from him within a month or two. For more Jaclyn Rachelle, visit her YouTube channel.

Malik Hall

VCU Alumni, Malik Hall fell into writing by accident, but the best things in life are unplanned.”Music is permeates the soul is a language that is understood by everyone, why wouldn’t I want to write about up and coming artists.”

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