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Jackii Kennedy Can’t Find “The Zone”

by The Alchemist

Jackii Kennedy is an LA based singer/songwriter who has recently really caught our attention. She was born in the Florida Keys and traveled to the Golden Coast to pursue her passions. She also has synesthesia and sees colors when she listens to music (her cover art is influenced by the colors she sees when listening to the song). She makes funky, psychedelic pop/r&b music and says she “wants to make the definition of queer pop as fluid as your sexuality at 2am after a little too much tequila.” She writers and produces all of her music with Ryan Raines (Dominic Fike, Peach Tree Rascals, Will Jay), Hudson Taylor (Kanye West), and Drea Rose. We can see the influence that these producers have on her music, as she has a unique sound that we feel combines something like Dominic Fike with a little bit extra of a pop feel.

Her newest track is called, “The Zone” and it is an incredibly relaxing track that takes you to a happy place. The vocals are free flowing, as the finger style guitar builds up to the hook, where she sings, “Sunshine can’t light me up the same, I never want to see it go away.”  There is a bit of a psychedelic feel in parts of the track that complement the pop texture and make it an incredibly unique track.

Jackii’s team felt this was the perfect song for a driving soundtrack, and to play off this idea they decided to engage the iconic toy brand Hot Wheels to collaborate on the music video and marketing surrounding the release where they will be sponsoring a several day giveaway, in which Jackii Kennedy will give away a signed Hot Wheel to a fan for 10 days after the release. Jackii’s fascination with Hot Wheels began at a young age — they were the only toy she asked for birthdays and holidays. When she was around 4-years-old, she had collected nearly 400 of them when a devastating fire engulfed her home, destroying all of her favorite toys.  Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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