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“It’s a Wave” Announces 17-Track The Return of Dayvd Beach LP

The Return of Dayvd Beach is happening in a big way. Having released his debut single with Hyattsville, MD-based record label Growroom Productions in 2020, and having sated us with remixes and new singles since, we admittedly didn’t feel Dayvd had really left us.

The album art for "It's a Wave" by Dayvd Beach portrays beams of light project downward from the sun, into and through the surface and depths of a large body of water.
Dayvd Beach "It's a Wave" album artwork

Still, it is hard to ignore the fact that the eponymously titled LP, which became available today, carries with it the significant weight of 17 songs, each with their own story to tell, and the opportunity to highlight the artistic versatility that only an album can highlight to full effectiveness. It feels like an absolute necessity that fans appreciate the vast influences and inspirations of the artist, whose own music exists somewhere between the worlds of lo-fi, jazz, funk, electronic, and rock.

“It’s a Wave” conveys a timelessness akin to vintage radio while the push and pull between the drums and other instrumentation provide an ebb and flow found uniquely between rock & roll angst and the lighthearted and harmonious nod to surf rock.

Although “It’s a Wave” marked the official release date of the album, another single “Cool Blue” is already teasing the assortment of sounds and experiences within the LP. “[Cool Blue] offers an homage to the surrealist and low-fi futurism classic by Michel Gondry, The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Beach’s music brings us back to the naval-gazing heartache and longing of the film’s star-crossed lovers…”

Find “It’s a Wave” and “Cool Blue” alongside other excellent music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify.

Daniel Warren Hill

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