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Israeli Rocker Ninet Tayeb Searches for Meaning with Electrifying Single, ‘Who Is Us’

By Cynthia Gross

On June 10, acclaimed Israeli rocker Ninet Tayeb released her latest single, “WHO IS US,” the frontrunner to her forthcoming album. The poignant, electrifying masterpiece explores darkness, light, and whether it’s possible to find hope in a deeply troubled world.

“What inspired the song the most was the lack of confidence I’ve had in the unknown after everything we’ve all been through,” said Tayeb who is currently based in Los Angeles. “The fear of losing hope and acceptance of a world with no colors in that period of time. A feeling of numbness crawling under the skin.”

Fear and uncertainty are natural responses to the mounting challenges of our time, including public health crises, violence, and injustice. Driven by Tayeb’s raw, passionate vocals and overall expert musicianship, “WHO IS US” confronts the challenges head-on, offering a space for audiences to process their feelings and discover that they are not alone in suffering and searching for meaning. The song was written by Tayeb and produced by Joseph E-Shine.

“Who is us and why we are / I had a dream about you and me / No more blame / I’m not ashamed to say that I might need a little help,” Tayeb sings in the first verse. The accompanying music video is breathtaking and cinematic, starring the band performing in a rugged, mountainous landscape. Shots captured from an aerial view showcase the beauty and expanse of nature, prompting viewers to consider where humans fit within the universe.

“WHO IS US” is dedicated to the late Taylor Hawkins whom Ninet Tayeb describes as “one of the best drummers in the whole world.” Foo Fighters remain an influence for Tayeb, “not only for their music but also for the way they are evolving and keeping it real for so many years.”

“Strangely enough, throughout the recording of the album, we talked about Taylor’s sound and drum feel almost every day,” she added. “When Joseph wanted to explain some groove or drum fill to Yotam, our drummer, he just said ‘think Taylor Hawkins.’ Sadly, a few days later, we heard the terrible news, Joseph and I literally couldn’t even speak to each other for days. We were devastated.”

The desperation at the heart of “WHO IS US” is palpable, which stands in juxtaposition to Tayeb’s signature bold and fearless persona. “Don’t let me go gray / Don’t let me / Don’t let me / Show me the other way / And I promise I won’t let you black,” she pleads in the song’s soaring chorus. Somehow this tension makes the effect that much more gripping. The timely message and powerful delivery of “WHO IS US” pierce the darkness like a ray of light, providing community to those who need it most.

Ninet Tayeb, arguably one of the biggest entertainment figures in Israel, continues to win over new audiences in the United States with her remarkable talent, badass vibe, and mesmerizing presence. She has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, NPR Tiny Desk, NYLON, and more.

If “WHO IS US” is any indication, Ninet Tayeb’s upcoming album promises to supply some of her best work to date, adding fan favorites to an already impressive collection. When asked for a sneak peek of the album, Tayeb hinted, “My crowd of people can expect a high volume of rock songs alongside some heart-expressing tunes with a touch of electronics. It is going to be a very special one.”

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Cynthia Gross

Cynthia Gross is a freelance writer and award-winning spiritual pop artist based in Maryland. With more than a decade of experience as an executive ghostwriter, she understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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