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Isaac Anderson Presents Vulnerable EP “Fingers Crossed”

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer Isaac Anderson’s most recent release is his vulnerable solo EP, Fingers Crossed.

“Storyteller” Isaac Anderson, former member of British band In Hindsight, the wedding band The English Country Gentlemen, and the rock band Fast Car To Florence currently is a solo independent singer and guitarist for Louis Tomlinson. After years of playing for/with others, the independent singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer from the U.K. decided to go solo. Anderson’s most recent release is his vulnerable EP, Fingers Crossed, that “navigates through heartache, hope and existential dread.”

The opening track “Mess Me Up” immediately draws you in with his raw vocals that tell a story: I’m a mess right now / Won’t you mess me up? / Turn me upside down / Show me all of your love,” he sings. He self-admittedly accepts his truth, emphasizing how it’s okay to not have everything together. In “This Could Be Paradise” he paints a picture with his lyrics, expressing so much emotion. He shows off his vocal ability by enveloping you in his sound. “St Pancras” and “Hanging Up”are more examples of excellent songwriting; you can hear how much he resonates with his own lyrics. They are also examples of his great voice, but that’s the entire EP. He is certainly an artist on the rise – you can tell how much he enjoys experimenting with his sound. “Moving Mountains” shows his relatability; we get to hear what’s inside his mind. You will want to put this song on repeat. “Change My Mind and Me” is a reflective end to the EP that beautifully wraps it up.

There’s a nervous vulnerability to the whole record,” Anderson says. “I think the whole thing is very me!” 

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Alchemical Records contributor Emma Page

Emma Page

Emma Page, a recent Journalism graduate of The George Washington University, possesses a passion for music journalism and storytelling in all its forms. Originally from Baltimore, MD, when she is not writing, she can be found at a local concert or making music of her own.

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