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Hyper Battle II Continues Epic Science Fiction and Soundtrack

Epic space fantasy Hyper Battle by Dominic Elliott releases its second installment, “II,” via Hyattsville, MD record label Growroom Productions.

Having been introduced to Cylo Hyper and Juno James “as they search the galaxy for extinguished light” in Hyper Battle’s “I” last year, the fictional narrative continues in the guitar-infused electronic soundtrack offered by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Elliot in “II” Fellow Growroom Productions artist and producer Lee Durham (iglootwo, Three Man Soul Machine) contributes drums and drum programming to the sprawling instrumental landscape.

Fans wondering what happened to Cylo and Juno after their “narrow escape aboard a rocket to Enlightenment” will find themselves sucked into the opening track, “Forgotten Space,” like a wormhole entering the EP’s immersive galaxy.

“The Outlaw,” the third track on the EP, utilizes synth and guitar melodies over a tension filled drum and bass allowing listeners to experience what it might be like to hear Oscar-winning Italian composer Ennio Moricone in the thirtieth century. The track fills a sonic space in the vein of a lyric-free “Bullet the Blue Skies” by U2.

Listeners treating themselves to the full narrative offered by “II” by Hyper Battle experience the menacing nature of “I Am the Danger,” a spiritual reflection in “Echoes of the Past,” and the contemplative and hopeful closer, “There is Light Somewhere.”

“The Outlaw” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp (which includes the full science fiction story with your download). 

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