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Hunter Falls Wants You to ‘Stay The Night’

By Jessica McCormick

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Now for something a little different, Alchemical Records would like to introduce Belgium-based artist Hunter Falls. With the backing of an eight-piece choir, Falls’ latest single “Stay The Night” premiered on January 6. Having grown up in several countries, his passion for creating “international sounding quality” by “[challenging] the boundaries of existing genres” engenders his mellifluous acumen. Having the experience of varying environments, Falls learned “a combination of cultures is what creates new beauty in the world.”

Opening with crisp synth tones, “Stay The Night” is flush with electro-pop 80s vibes. Fans of Imagine Dragons will identify with Hunter Falls’ anthemic sound. Soft percussion accompanies the verse, joined by piano and a sub-bass to lift the energy in the bridge. Finally, the chorus explodes with the rich vocal backing and two sources of low-bass to invigorate the ensemble. Fall’s producer Brunel Wekho explains that the compilation should altogether “…make the music sound like a record,” which really caps off the musical nostalgia.

In multimedia fashion, the experience does not end with the audio. After watching the Wekho Music behind-the-scenes feature, be sure to enjoy the music video, which premiered only a day after the single’s debut. Slip back to the early days of YouTube, when anime music videos were all the rage and multimedia instrumentation was still uncommon in the classroom. If this trip down memory lane suits you, I hope you stay the night!

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Jessica McCormick

Jessica McCormick is an Army brat currently residing in Silicon Valley. With a decade of experience in communications, she appreciates the transformative power of music. She has spent over two decades singing with various choirs, and has enjoyed 8 years with the San Jose Metropolitan Band playing alto saxophone. In her free time, she loves reading speculative fiction.

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