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Humble Braggers Don’t Want That Toxicity “Anymore”

The Alchemist

Serving us unparalleled pop/indie delicacies from the studio, the New York-bred band Humble Braggers (another great band from Aisle Eight Management like DMV’s own Prinze George band) returns with what can only be described as a melodic, groovy, and hypnotizing sonic journey. Continuing on an upward trend, Humble Braggers release their mesmerizing indie/pop single, “Anymore.” The powerful single delivers electrifying vibes from the start as its melodic, synth elements combined with alternative rock elements that make you want to dance without a care in the world. The lyrics and organic energy of this song make this a song for lovers of multiple genres. The band states regarding the message of the track:

“Anymore is, frankly, about being in a job (or relationship) that you hate. You realize it’s toxic, you realize it sucks, and you realize you’ve been in it too long. But you’re maybe afraid that there’s nothing else out there that’s better or you’re afraid that if you leave you might be alone forever. So you stick out, begrudgingly. This song is a fight against that mentality and against those fears. The chorus is quite literally ‘Give up, get out.’ Some things are made to be left in the past.”

Humble Braggers are carving out their own artistic path and paving their road with radio-friendly arrangements, captivating vocal cuts, and magical instrumentation. This song is a testament to their evolving sound and versatility and their future seems bright. If you are a fan of Metric, Naked and Famous, and/or Joywave (bands that have shared the stage with Humble Braggers!), then we highly recommend checking this bop out! We cannot wait to hear their new album, “Love and Fear”. Until then, listen to “Anymore” available now! 

This track has been added to our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist. 

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