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High and Low by The J.O.B.

From our show at Castleburg Brewery & Taproom in Richmond VA on February 22, 2020. Unknown to us at the time, this was the last show we were to play before everything shut down for the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, our friend Matthew was on hand to record this song from our 3rd set, “High and Low”

High and Low is one of our ‘outlaw’ songs, a story about revenge and payback.

Here’s a funny story about High and Low: Once upon a time, a real outlaw was arrested after we performed High and Low at a show. He was an on-the-run escaped convict sitting alone in a dark corner of the venue, must have thought we were singing about him. He hastily left the venue after the final guitar strum and ran into the waiting arms of the cops in the parking lot who had been pursuing him. True story. The power of music.

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