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Harry Gray Gets Funky “One More Time”

Harry Gray "One More Time" album art with two faces - Harry Gray and MK Zulu.

Harry Gray and MK Zulu merge elements of funk, soul, R&B, and classic hip-hop into a persistent message of love in “One More Time.” 

Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Howard University Alum, Harry Gray “brings soulful music back into the rap scene.”  Harry, a dynamic lyricist and singer and current DC resident collaborates with MK Zulu of DuPont Brass fame, and Tantu Beats, to compose an engaging and versatile song-serving offering that is too much for one genre to handle.

The chorus is an invitation to enter the arena of love as well as the dance floor with an unfettered optimism that suggests this could be the love of a lifetime. In his guest appearance on the second verse MK Zulu hints the fondness and affection can extend beyond the club with strolls in the park or together on sandy beaches.

“One More Time” highlights Harry’s ability to produce and perform music that evokes a spiritual response from himself and his listeners without catering to any mainstream expectations. In spite of that, “One More Time” proves itself to be strong competition for any mainstream track or artist that celebrates the joy of intimacy.

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Daniel Warren Hill

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