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Groove Park Extends Its Multigenre Branches

Oren Levine of Groove Park continues to broaden the scope and scale of the project and amplify its multigenre nature through collaborations with other artists; most recently exhibited in “Waiting For My Beach.”

Oren Levine, wearing a hat, sits in front of an upright piano, on which rests a metronome.
Oren Levine - Courtesy of the artist.

Featuring the talents of Angel Bethea, Joey Bennett, Percy White, Renée Bennett, Sol Roots, and Vicki Golding, in addition to Levine, “Waiting” is the third single released by the project to date. The debut single, “Island In The Sea” in collaboration with Aaron Myers, and “Bend, Don’t Break” featuring Francillia Benjamin on vocals and Khadijo on percussion each respectively maintain a much closer relationship to Levine’s Jazz roots. Meanwhile, “Waiting For My Beach” irrefutably dials into the Country, Americana and Bluegrass heritage contained within the DMV music scene (and beyond of course).

According to Levine, “‘Waiting’ is a beachside country party song with an ironic twist about the threats of climate change.” The wry and whimsical lyrics hint at the rising sea levels threatening to bring the beach right to your front door, an appealing idea in mind of the song’s protagonist. An idea made even more timely with the announcement of the increasing water temperatures around Florida being comparable to a hot tub, according to The Washington Post.

The story is beautifully told through “rich guitar and fiddle backgrounds and honky-tonk piano licks,” and we hope sets a tone that will allow Groove Park to confidently collaboration with even more genres in the future. “Waiting For My Beach” is available now on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Daniel Warren Hill

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