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Grocer is “Calling Out” and Fans are Tuning In

The Alchemist

Appearing on their forthcoming LP Numbers Game (releasing May 6, 2022, on Grind Select), “Calling Out” is a frantic Post-Punk, Alternative Rock track bemoaning the day job. Originally intended as an EP, Numbers Game was written and recorded in two short bursts; once while the band quarantined themselves in rural Georgia during the pandemic, and once later when the band came off the road from an overwhelming extensive national tour.

The Philadelphia, PA band’s first full length album since 2020’s Little Splash, Grocer released “Delete If Not Allowed” in 2021, and another track to appear on Numbers Game, “Pick A Way” released earlier this year. The band’s groovy sounds, seemingly always moments away from pure chaos, have intrigued listeners on recordings, through live performances, and with exclusive live streaming performances on Audiotree.

One of the unusual attractions of the music video for “Calling Out” is Grocer’s being represented visually through the use of nondescript mascot outfits:

“Calling Out” came out of many frustrating years spent working in the restaurant industry and finally hitting my breaking point during the pandemic. We decided to produce a video ourselves that reflected that experience with the help of a few friends. It was very cathartic to run around Philly in these off-brand costumes lamenting the 9-5 grind.”

Sonically and visually, Grocer continues to empathize with listeners by searching inward for the feelings that come naturally to them after observing the concerning state of the world. “Calling Out” is an easily relatable track regardless of your profession. Check out the video below or find it on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on YouTube or Spotify.

The Alchemist

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