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Griefcat’s “Late Stage Capitalism” is a Musical Comedy of Anti-Capitalist Female Rage

Annie Nardolilli and Louisa Hall, the dynamic women behind Griefcat, released their latest musical masterpiece, “Late Stage Capitalism”. This album is a vibrant fusion of funny and sexy lyrics, infectious beats, and a boundary-pushing blend of musical genres, showcasing their prowess while thinking about the messed-up uncanny world from a fresh perspective. Each track bears a unique title, exploring intimate and universally relatable experiences, particularly those faced by women in today’s capitalist society. It’s noteworthy that amidst the catchy tunes and clever wordplay, they poke fun at the absurdities and uncertainties between men, women, and society.

Griefcat sits in front of graffiti "Late Stage Capitalism" for its cover art
"Late Stage Capitalism" cover art, Courtesy of Griefcat

The album introduces listeners to “Benevolent Billionaire”, a track that gradually unfolds with vocals and guitar, offering a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of our world. But this is merely the beginning. Annie and Louisa delve deeper into themes of complicated relationships, life choices, and navigating politics in ”90s-inspired tracks like “I Just Want to Get Inside (Your Bank Account)” and “Cryptobro”.

In March, on Good Friday, Griefcat unveiled a music video for their fifth track, “Love the Sinner”. This poignant song delves into the necessity of speaking out against workplace injustices, particularly when confronted with racism or sexism perpetuated by higher-ups. Annie shared her unfortunate experience of witnessing misconduct within law enforcement, only to face backlash when she raised her voice against it, being shunned by her superiors in the deputy sheriff department. In essence, the song and its accompanying video encapsulate the emotions of female anger within a framework of power dynamics and unreliable leadership in today’s world.

Each track on the album exudes a unique atmosphere, echoing different facets of the nation’s turbulent capitalist climate. “Cryptobro”, spanning over five minutes, melds elements of musical theater with country undertones, conveying the narrative of a breakup amidst lively instrumental rhythms. In contrast, “Carbon Footprint”, the second track, bursts with amplified, rock-infused vigor, delving into themes of envy and frustration towards a specific individual or locale. Meanwhile, the final track, “Revolution (Poop at Work)”, explores small acts that can be seen as rebellious, such as refusing tasks within a professional or authoritative setting. Additionally, “Sex Sea Shanty” distinguishes itself with its mature lyrics and accents of slide guitar and cello in the chorus, setting it apart from the album’s overall tone.

Upon listening, it’s clear that the two opposite-attract performers are comedians and storytellers with a mind of their own. The duo has also garnered appreciation from SZA and actor Alan Tudyk, among others, for their social media posts and videos reaching over 1 million viewers. Even artists like Questlove commented on the last song off the album, saying “LOL I feel seen, I see my version as a political act.” Overall, the album has reached thousands of listeners from distinct age ranges and diverse groups all around the country.

During Cherry Blossom season in late March and early April, Griefcat embarked on a mini tour, stopping at local stages, Jammin Java in VA, and The National Cherry Blossom Festival. At Jammin Java, they held their album release party that had the themes of their album, funny, glittery, and inspired by their costumes from past music videos. Additionally, they were ready for people to shine and sparkle like themselves and gave special prizes to those who arrived in their most on-theme, Griefcat-inspired outfits or came in a duo. Since their tour dates have passed, fans can still look for more tour dates on their website because Griefcat is coming to a city near you soon.

You can find “Late Stage Capitalism” on all streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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