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Good Terms Writes Song About Frustration From Being Let Down by Their Heroes, “Pedestal”

The Alchemist

Good Terms is your friendly neighborhood emo band. The three of them actually grew up in Northern VA/DC area. After years of working behind-the-scenes in the music industry, this group of best friends finally joined forces to get back to the roots of what made them first fall in love with music. The Los Angeles based quartet embraces the D.I.Y. spirit of the scene they grew up in by recording, producing, and mixing all of their music. Good Terms maintains a diverse sonic palette that spans from anthemic emo pop to blistering double time hardcore, with a sprinkle of everything you know and love from the Warped Tour Universe. Good Terms invites you to become a part of their community and participate in the catharsis they’ve found together.


Their newest track is called Pedestal and it has a ton of energy from beginning to end! The instrumental portion is made up of a combination of strong power chords and energetic guitar. The vocals are also very impressive from the singer, and this seems like a song that if we had the opportunity to see live, we’d be in the mosh pit jumping up and down!


When asked about the song they had this to say:


Fandom is a strange thing. Deep down we all know that the artists we love need to be free to create what is most honest to them, but it’s difficult when that art doesn’t meet our expectations. “Pedestal” is about our frustration from being let down by our heroes and our anger toward ourselves for letting our disappointment affect us so viscerally. It’s disheartening watching those we admire create something not only bad, but untrue for all the wrong reasons.


Check it out below.

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