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Golden State Rues the Rat Race in “Little Glass Jar”

Haunting vocals and eerily arpeggiated guitar notes introduce listeners to “Little Glass Jar” by Golden State. The Los Angeles-based indie/alt pop-rock duo consists of singer-songwriter and guitarist James Grundler and Marc Boggio, credited for guitars and ‘sounds.’ Those sounds are more readily apparent on other tracks from Golden State’s newest full-length album, Blood Finger Prick, compared to this latest single. “Little Glass Jar” feels like a much more straightforward, charging right out of the gate kind of song. It only gets more intense from there.

“The song, along with the album, was written during a time of crossroads in 2020,” says Grundler. “Moving through the death of my father, and then the uncertainty of the Lockdown, I was pushed more and more into the feeling of being trapped. Sealed in our own individual aquariums like a science experiment. It felt like straight out of an episode of the Twilight Zone.”

Unfortunately, so many individuals faced similar experiences over the last few years. Artists and audiences have been really empathetic to the results of the global experience brought on by COVID-19. In Blood Finger Prick, Golden State delivers personal and unapologetic musings that are easily relatable lyrically and comprehensively dynamic musically.

“Little Glass Jar” is barely able to contain its raw energy, inspired by thoughts of ‘the rat race,’ which Grundler says is “Where you think you are just mulling through life doing your thing but instead you are just entertainment for the elites.”

Golden State's Origins

Prior to the formation of Golden State James Grundler founded L.A. alt-rock band Paloalto whose two albums, Paloalto and Heroes and Villains were produced by Rick Rubin and released under Rubin’s record label American Recordings. The band had a number of successful singles including “Breathe In” and “Fade Out/In” before it eventually dissolved.

“There was a need for a new outlet that wasn’t going to be stifled by ‘the bottom line’, says Grundler. “I started writing for myself. You know that raw excitement you get when you feel something that you haven’t felt since you were a kid? That’s ‘Golden State.’”

That raw excitement has been readily available thanks to the release of “All Roads Lead Home” in 2011. From there Golden State has released a number of singles, an EP, and now Blood Finger Prick, a fantastic specimen of a modern full-length album of indie hits that refuse to hold back.

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