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George Katsos Releases “Secrets.” To Headline Hard Rock Cafe

Washington D.C.-area singer, songwriter, and avid Beatles fan, George Katsos prepares to headline his first show in 25 years at the Hard Rock Cafe on August 18. The show will celebrate the release of Katsos’ third independent release, a five-song solo EP known as “EP3.”

George Katsos holds a guitar while wearing a suit.
George Katsos - Photo courtesy of the artist

Having released “Pickle Juice” earlier this year, and “Therapy” alongside “Secrets” as the EP release inches ever closer, George says, “The remainder of the EP ‘There’s Much More’ and ‘Outside Versailles’ can be found on SoundCloud but will hit Spotify in the next 30 days.”

Promo photo for George Katsos at Hard Rock Cafe Aug 18
George Katsos to perform at Hard Rock Cafe on Aug 18.

“‘Secrets’ was a song generated by a requirement to play a local venue in Alexandria one night that included a song about a secret,” says George. “With that context, this evocative song explores personal truth and how it often remains hidden behind a façade.”

The song begins in an intimate setting before drums and upright bass fill the room. The chorus brings listeners back to center in tone and lyrics:

Secrets / Secrets / No one cares for them like we do / Secrets / Oh, Secrets / No one holds onto them like we do

George says, “‘Therapy'” describes how medicine doesn’t work as much as friendship to solve one’s problems.” The track is steeped in melancholy at the start, but then the band jumps into something decidedly celebratory that helps to convey that sense of support and community.

George Katsos’ experience extends as far back as the 1980s when he participated in the last night jam at the famous Cambridge Music Complex outside of Boston the night before it was demolished. His music and contributions to other projects has been acknowledged by MTV and Billboard Magazine, and he recently paid homage to The Beatles with a trip to Liverpool, England with his wife and daughter during Beatlemania.

You can expect to hear George performing an assortment of Beatles covers as well as original music from his three EPs at Hard Rock Cafe in Washington D.C. on August 18. Otherwise, keep your ears open for the chance to hear him at one of the region’s various open mics, colleges, and intimate venues.

“Secrets” and “Therapy” available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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