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Genre-Blending Hip-Pop Artist Ting Lin Releases “Takers,” Finds Freedom Outside the Lines

by Cynthia Gross

With influences ranging from Cantonese classics, to 80s Mandarin pop, to 90s R&B, multilingual hip-pop artist and fashionista Ting Lin is a master of genre-blending. Her latest single “Takers,” a hip-hop-
influenced breakup anthem blurs the lines between genres, sounds, and emotions – no boxes or labels needed.

“Takers” starts as a piano ballad with all the feels, and in the most natural of ways, like a well-done plot
twist, instantly transforms into a groovy, head-banging jam. Characteristic of the best of songs, “Takers”
runs deep lyrically. In addition to capturing the blossoming empowerment that takes root in the aftermath of a breakup, the song parallels this personal journey with that of Mother Nature. And just
like the heroine of “Takers,” Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

Ting Lin explains, “‘Takers’ is about nature having to fight for herself in the battle humans created.” The
questions posed – “why are we so greedy?” “why we have so many?” “do we have a limit?” – serve as a
reminder of the grounding that transcends genre throughout Ting Lin’s socially conscious body of work. During increasingly divisive times in our society, perhaps the truth-telling in Ting Lin’s music has never
been more fitting.

At its core, “Takers” is a bold, timely call-to-action. The song is meant to inspire listeners “to be kinder to
yourself, others, and the planet.” Make no mistake, despite the adversity, nature always wins. Her
ability to instinctively course-correct, redirect, and realign suggests there is hope for humankind, too,
but only if we acknowledge the important part individual responsibility plays in restoring collective

Check out the music video for “Takers” here and purchase the single, available on all major platforms.

Cynthia Gross

Maryland-based singer-songwriter Cynthia Gross seeks to inspire an awakening to all we are and all we can become. With a passion for language in all of its forms and more than a decade of experience as a professional ghostwriter, she is a light seeker who understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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