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Garth Wants to Know, “Didn’t I” Tell You

The Alchemist

Originally raised in the distant D.C. suburbs, Garth. is a singer, producer & multi-instrumentalist now based in New York City. Human Nature, his first musical offering as a solo artist, blends influences ranging from 90s R&B and 80s pop to the more electronic production of today.


Written during the summer lockdown of 2020, “Didn’t I” is a cynical, note-to-self with a simple message–don’t catch feelings. The moody track is a hard-hitting lead single for Garth.’s, upcoming 2021 EP. Boasting original samples of natural soundscapes against aggressive, yet ethereal vocal production, “Didn’t I” knocks HARD. The music video, slated for release on Nov 20th, brings the song’s energy to life with striking visual themes of reflection in the vastness of nature.


When listening to the song we were first drawn in with the production, and when the hook drops it really catches your attention. The combination of vocals and bouncy feel to the track are complemented with each other. Check out the track below.

The Alchemist

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