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Gabrielle Zwi Celebrates Pride Month in “Three Dollar Bill”

DMV-native, artist, Gabrielle Zwi, and their band “Friends and Amigos”, explain what it’s like to be queer, confused, and in heartbreak in a second single, “Three Dollar Bill,” An ode to a messy lesbian breakup.

Gabrielle Zwi "Three Dollar Bill" Cover art
Gabrielle Zwi "Three Dollar Bill" Cover art

The single is calming and a reference to an old phrase from the 1800s, “queer as a three dollar bill”. Introducing the idea that someone has a better chance of finding a three-dollar bill on the ground than finding a partner who is as invested in the relationship as they are.

Zwi explains that the song is also about someone who does not have realistic intentions for the kind of relationship that they want. Meaning that they knew what they wanted from the relationship but the other person was confused with their intentions.

Zwi explains that the title and chorus of the song have two meanings. It can be interpreted as “Completely and obviously false or fake; not genuine or authentic in the slightest.” or “Completely or blatantly not heterosexual or cisgender.”

Local music fans can see Gabrielle Zwi perform, “Three Dollar Bill” at Rockville Pride at Rockville Town Square on June 24th at 1 pm or Live From the Garage on June 29th at 7 pm. “Three Dollar Bill” is available now on major streaming platforms like Spotify.

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Katherine Chung

Katherine Chung is a blogger, avid reader, and disability advocate. When she is not writing, Katherine enjoys reading spending her time at bookstores, making bracelets to pass out at concerts, and taking walks.

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