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FUR Walks “The Fine Line of a Quiet Life”

By Jaci Jedrych

The regrets that accompany growing up are a difficult topic to face for many people. FUR addresses the changing responsibilities of adulthood in their new single, “The Fine Line of a Quiet Life.”

The Brighton-based four-piece, signed to boy pablo’s 777 label, has been releasing music for years, but it was their 2017 single “If You Know That I’m Lonely” that catapulted them into the public eye, amassing nearly 23 million Spotify streams to date. Their songs are known for their juxtaposition of self-reflective lyrics with upbeat indie rock backing, and their creative music videos.

“The Fine Line of a Quiet Life” explores the moving and changing of the line of what is acceptable, in both life and relationships, as we grow older. It examines the line of what one can manage and bear as an adult, coupled with the feeling of “how could I be so blind” that comes out of failed relationships.

Fans of The Strokes, boy pablo, Mac DeMarco, or even Paramore should check out FUR. Their music is upbeat and indie rock-based, but addresses deep-seated introspections, making it perfect to play on long summer car rides with friends.

This track has been added to our Alchemical Weekly YouTube Playlist. Have a listen!

Jaci Jedrych

Jaci Jedrych is a World Politics student at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She loves going to concerts and exploring different genres, and has a passion for arts and news writing.

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