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Fru Celebrates His Birthday With Upcoming Album, 1980

Edward Miskie

Houston native and DC-area local artist and rapper Fru (Fellow Rebellious Underdog) is about to release his eighth, that’s right I said eighth, full length studio album entitled “1980”; celebrating his 40 years on this earth. From that album, his single “So Crazy” is out now!

“So Crazy” kicks it back to early 90s hip-hop joining soul, jazz, and rap together in an almost meditative, relaxing track. For me, it hits like Erykah Badu, Sade, and Grand Master Flash collab’d together; incorporating saxophone licks with soothing ethereal keyboard accents driven by urgent words and inclination of personal, introspective chaos – “They chop your head off and give you the bill…Tryin’ to stop these crazy thoughts poppin’ these pills.”

No stranger to the indie scene, Fru promises his audience and fans that this album will drop in “a few months”. In the meantime, Fru encourages you to prime your indie pallet by streaming his catalogue of material from “This Boys Life LP” to his renowned release “I’m Going Back Vol. 1 MixTape” and his most recent “Coldest Days In 20 Years”. You can find his decades of work wherever you stream music and the lead single from 1980, “So Crazy” at

Edward Miskie

NYC based singer, actor, voiceover artist, author, writer, & cancer survivor. Glutton for historical fun facts and charcuterie boards. More at

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