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Friends and Amigos Has Us Hanging With the Cool Kids

Friends and Amigos (formerly Gabrielle Zwi and Friends) release a new anthem for those that do not feel like a cool kid, “Sitting On Tables.”

"Sitting on Tables" single cover art- A person with headphones sitting on the table while empty chairs are available
Friends and Amigos "Sitting on Tables" album art

New DMV-based genre nonconforming four-piece band, Friends and Amigos, released their debut single, “Sitting on Tables,” on April 21st. As you may have noticed, April was Autism Acceptance/Appreciation/Awareness Month. I found out I was autistic about three years ago when I was 20. The sense of clarity that washed over me was relieving and eye-opening to say the least. To say I relate to this song would be an understatement. The cover art was created by Gabrielle Zwi by combining different images. Produced by our friend here at Alchemical Records, Dave Mallen, this track makes me want to walk in circles with nowhere to go. 

Friends and Amigos (formerly Gabrielle Zwi and Friends) consists of Gabrielle Zwi on ukulele and vocals, Avinash Ali on bass, Levi Hebeisen on guitar, and Spencer Marcotte on drums. This is not the first time we have covered a Gabrielle Zwi project, and it is certainly not my first time writing about one. In 2022 I interviewed them about autism and activism and covered their song, “Guns to a Playground Fight.”

It is extremely difficult to pinpoint a specific lyric that I relate to the most. The chorus sums it up perfectly to me. “‘Cause we’re foolish/Never quite like the cool kids/Always making fools out of ourselves/And we’re cool with doing things that the cool kids say are dumb/We’re having fun” To me, these lyrics paint a picture about my life as an autistic woman growing up(even though I was not aware of my autism). I do make a fool of myself, but I am having fun while doing so, and that makes me “cool” in my eyes.

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Maura Marcellino

Maura Marcellino is studying business and environmental sustainability at George Mason University. When she is not studying, Maura enjoys listening to music and spending time with friends and family.

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