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Free Friends Reveal How to Be “Worry Free (feat. glimmers)”

Baltimore pop punk royalty Ben DeHan broke the internet earlier this year with the release of “Taking Time” alongside the launch of Free Friends with wife and cellist Lauren DeHan and drummer Gil Perez. Now, they release their second single with blink-182 producer and engineer Matt Malpass; “Worry Free (feat. glimmer)” accompanied by a music video by Nicholas Libraro of Snaggletooth Productions.

Free Friends: Gil Perez, Ben DeHan, Lauren DeHan
Free Friends: Gil Perez, Ben DeHan, Lauren DeHan - Courtesy of Free Friends

If ignorance is bliss / I fill my head with empty memories

“Worry Free” is pop punk in both sound and spirit. The song’s subject matter could be interpreted purely as a state of mind, committing to seeing life as how we choose to respond to situations rather than being victims of circumstances.

On the other hand, as the music video points out, some individuals take more liberties with various substances compared to others on the road to being worry free. It’s refreshing to see this lifestyle acknowledged but not necessarily celebrated, leaving listeners to determine where their own lines are drawn. The only judgment passed is the one that asks, “Is this really in my best interest?”

The song’s ambiguity is encapsulated in the refrain, “This could be you if you follow me down,” sung by both Ben as well as glimmers vocalist Maggie Schneider. The phrase could as easily be a warning for those who choose a destructive road, or a promise to those who embrace a healthy lifestyle as the key to happiness.

“Worry Free (feat. glimmers)” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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