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Free Friends Know You Can “Save Me”

After a fashion that pop punk music tends to specialize, Baltimore, Maryland-based pop-punk band Free Friends find hope, optimism, and the courage to ask for help in their latest single, “Save Me (feat. Makeout).”

Ben DeHan, Lauren DeHan, and Gil Perez, working alongside producer/engineer Matt Malpass (blink-182) observe the doubts and fears of the human experience from a safe distance while acknowledging the way forward, and perhaps even a way out. Every listener has experienced a moment in time where the struggles feel insurmountable; when only an outside force can save us from ourselves and our circumstances. “Save Me (feat. Makeout)” effectively captures these sentiments but with an energy and enthusiasm that perhaps only pop-punk is able to deliver.

It feels like heaven is burning down / Why am I not freaking out / Won’t someone come save me

Featuring the guest vocal talents of Kyle Dee of Rhode Island pop-punk rockers Makeout, “Save Me” authentically acknowledges the ongoing battle within our hearts and minds, our desire for safety and security, and how sometimes we need a helping hand in order to climb our way out of present conditions. The fast-paced drums and overdriven guitars contribute the the track’s anthemic feel, ultimately leaving listeners in a better place than it finds them.

Free Friends perform with Danvers at The Pocket in Washington D.C. on Oct 27, at 7 Locks Brewing in Rockville on Oct 28, The Green Beacon Gallery in Greensburg, PA on Nov 10, and at Zen West in Baltimore on Nov 18.

“Save Me (feat. Makeout)” is available now on major streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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