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Freddy Hall Addresses Invisible Pain in His Latest Single, ‘Feed the Fire’

By Jessica McCormick

Virginia native Freddy Hall does not shy away from the hard-hitting themes, such as addiction and loss, in the latest single from his album, DAZY, which drops on November 5. Hall, who is currently based in New York City, describes “Feed the Fire” as a “psychedelic rock journey through the dark shadows in our minds.”

The lyrics weave a tapestry that wraps us in the moment, inviting us to sit with our inner demons and listen to what they’re trying to tell us. In practice, this is called “shadow work,” which lends deep inspiration for this song. Appropriately, he and good friend Corey Sullivan created a music video using shadow play (commonly referred to as shadow puppetry), an ancient form of storytelling spanning many cultures.

While many of us may default to thinking of using our hands to shape bunny rabbits and butterflies, the team uses articulated cutouts suspended from string to create stunning imagery. Through this visual medium and minimal color palette, we can really feel the desolating narrative, but Hall informs us that there is hope. 

Remember, shadow work is “the act of conversing with and honoring our inner demons,” he explains. Far from wallowing, the point of the narrative in “Feed the Fire” is to acknowledge a given problem, rather than avoiding it.  

As someone who frequently “spouts doom and gloom” with a big smile on my face, I feel a comforting connection to this work. Think of a friend or loved one whom you’ve lovingly given a nickname. It strengthens your bond with that person. By truly seeing and naming a struggle, you quantify the hardship and make it more approachable. 

Suspending judgment, I listen to the line, “I can’t go anywhere, cause all I see is smoke around me,” feel the weight of the experience, and smile. This sentiment is so universal that I find it difficult to feel alone. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

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Jessica McCormick

Jessica McCormick is an Army brat currently residing in Silicon Valley. With a decade of experience in communications, she appreciates the transformative power of music. She has spent over two decades singing with various choirs, and has enjoyed 8 years with the San Jose Metropolitan Band playing alto saxophone. In her free time, she loves reading speculative fiction.

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