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Francisco Martin Paints a Picture in “Passenger Princess”

“You can let your hair down” with Francisco Martin and his latest single and accompanying music video, “Passenger Princess.”

Francisco Martin - Passenger Princess - album art - Francisco sits in the drivers seat of a car
Francisco Martin - Passenger Princess

In “Passenger Princess,” Bay Area singer-songwriter and American Idol alumnus Francisco Martin finds the beauty in life that is all around him. The swing of the music accents the song’s ‘finding joy in the little things’ feels, which the music video highlights with a day at the beach, painting on canvas in the art studio, and a relaxing drive with your sweetheart beside you.

A steady kick-snare rhythm, slightly overdriven guitar tones, and brass section embellishments are embellished with occasional synth tones resulting in a sunshine filled atmosphere that is sure to bring its own warmth to any occasion.

“The ‘Passenger Princess’ music video is about sharing a connection with the person you really like,” Martin comments. “There’s always a push and pull in relationships, but having a connection with someone can be very inspiring and they can even become a muse, like in the video. I wanted it to show pure fun, joy, warmth, and positivity. It was really fun to play a painter in this, because in some ways, it’s very similar to being a musician. Both are artists, so while I was acting it still felt authentic to me. Also, I’m intrigued by new technology and was excited to incorporate AI into this video because it shows how far we can take music videos in 2023 and do things now that weren’t possible not long ago!”

“Passenger Princess” is a sweet reminder to enjoy each and every moment we can, especially with those important to us. Find it and more excellent music on the Alchemical Records Multigenre Mixture playlist on Spotify and YouTube.

Daniel Warren Hill

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