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Foxfrd Feels the ‘Sun Beamin’

By Jaci Jedrych

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On January 21, Foxfrd released “Sun Beamin,’” their latest and among the last singles off their upcoming EP, Momentum.

Los Angeles, Calif.-based Foxfrd found his sound during his time living in Memphis, Tenn. He entered into the creative industry as a lead animator in the video game industry. With video game team The Game Band, he helped create Where Cards Fall, an Apple award-winning video game. His animation experience positions him as a multimedia artist, and informs the elegant visuals he pairs with his music.

“Sun Beamin’” is a warm, sparkling trip-hop track. Reminiscent of a virtual video game environment, he creates a livable soundscape.

In the face of a failed relationship, Foxfrd “chooses to reflect on the past in an upbeat and lighthearted way instead of wallowing in the ‘what if.'” “Sun Beamin'” marks a true emotional transition for the artist after dealing with regret, heartbreak, and the loneliness of living in LA.

Fans of Russ or Rob Level should check out this track. Follow our Alchemical Weekly YouTube Playlist for more great music featured on the site.

Jaci Jedrych

Jaci Jedrych is a World Politics student at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. She loves going to concerts and exploring different genres, and has a passion for arts and news writing.

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