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Fellowcraft Harnesses The Power and Beauty of “The Coyote and the Desert Rose”

The Alchemist

On Tuesday, Washington DC area Prog-Rock band Fellowcraft released a single from their forthcoming 2021 studio album This Is Where You’ll Find Me. “Coyote and the Desert Rose” is a great indication of things to come following the bands 2019 Washington Area Music Award for Best Rock Song, “Hold The Line,” and their nomination for Best Rock Band in 2020.

The band has previously shared the stage with bands like Static-X and Amon Amarth; evidence of exactly how heavy the band can be, especially in a live setting. “Coyote and the Desert Rose” specifically brought to mind bands like 8Stops7 and Evans Blue, which might reflect some Fellowcraft influences from Alternative and Post-Grunge artists.

This Is Where You’ll Find Me is slated for release in February of next year, and was recorded at Ivakota Studio in Washington DC alongside Tonio Ruiz; marking the band’s second collaboration with the Mexican rock producer.

See Fellowcraft’s live performance from DC9 in front of a live, masked, socially distant audience from the comfort of your living room on Tuesday, October 27. Details and tickets are available on Eventbrite.

The Alchemist

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