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If you are a fan of music, like we are fans of music here at Alchemical, then you will truly appreciate Washington DC area rock band Stone Driver for all the same reasons we do. Their songs are a reflection of their combined personalities and they wear their influences on their sleeves for everyone to see (or hear). Their songwriting appears to originate with the spark of a single idea which then develops naturally through a place of honesty, originality, and creativity, while at the same time giving the listener just what you expect. As a song plays you begin to hear the track itself open up to you in a way that you almost knew would happen, hoped would happen, has to happen.


Voted #1 Original DC band in Washington City Paper “Best Of” 2018, Stone Driver doesn’t stand on ceremony. They celebrate one little victory at a time with humility, acknowledging that their victories are laced with experiences they would rather not repeat. The band keeps moving forward, setting the bar a little higher for themselves each time they play live, and each time they release new music. The goals the band sets is not just to play bigger stages or sell more albums either. Their objectives are tied into providing opportunities for other musicians within their network with contributions like providing local bands with audio or video recording of those bands performance after a show. They seek higher purpose by allowing their musical pursuits to positively impact some charitable organization or meaningful community cause such as Per Scholas, Lever Fund, Rolling Thunder, and the Joe Strummer Foundation.

So, even though Stone Driver has experience sharing a stage with Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, Good Charlotte, Everclear and Bush, they continue to stand on their own merit and accomplishments. It’s no wonder that they were one of the bands selected by DC Music Rocks to feature the very first DC Music Rocks Festival (2017) alongside The Split Seconds, Throwing Plates, Hayley Fahey Music, and Thaylobleu at the prestigious 9:30 Club.

Anthony Barksdale of says “Stone Driver’s production is second to none”, and rightly so. Their secret weapon is their recording and dissection of all their practices, which provides the opportunity to not only hone their talents from a performance standpoint, but also allows their ideas for songs to be reviewed and built on at subsequent songwriting sessions. The band’s latest album, “Chasing Demons”, released in May of 2018,  was recorded entirely in Stone Driver Studios and then mixed by Grammy award winning audio engineer John Seymour (Santana, Alice in Chains, U2).

When we caught up with them for this exclusive interview, they were collaborating for new song ideas, and preparing for their upcoming March 9th show at Dangerously Delicious Pies in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC, which has been awarded Best Pie by Washington City Paper 10 years running. So if you are a fan of delicious music accompanied by delicious pies, and you live in or are willing to travel to the DC area, you are in for a real treat (all puns intended)!

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See Stone Driver perform live

at Dangerously Delicious Pies with Betamax & Not My Vice.

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Listen to the entire, un-edited interview on our Soundcloud

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Daniel Warren Hill is a songwriter, producer, and performer. He currently rocks guitar and vocals for Alt/Rock band YellowTieGuy, Produces, sings and mixes live video for Data Recovery Project, and lends his talents to Beach Boys Tribute Band “Back To The Beach”. When not performing, Daniel is actively engaged in family activities with his wife, two children, roommate,and dog. Daniel enjoys exploring other creative and business pursuits, spending time in nature, and is currently addicted to Star Trek Timelines.