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Euan Blackman Shares Tales of the Human Condition in Soft Focus

By Cynthia Gross

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With his latest single, “Sinking,” Liverpool, England-based artist and rising talent Euan Blackman offers a wistful, folk-rock gem that explores the beauty and complexity of being in love. “Sinking” is the second single from his debut EP, Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone.

“You gotta know when to give in/Stop my heart from sinking again,” Blackman sings in the chorus. He notes he produced the song in his bedroom studio over lockdown in rural Warwickshire. There’s a maturity and depth to Blackman’s artistry that feels authentic and rooted beyond his 19 years.

“To put it unpretentiously, ‘Sinking’ is about falling in love for the first time, the notion that you are sinking deeper into the sentiment,” explains Blackman. “My favourite line comes in the second verse, where I suggest that love can evoke the same feelings as art, such as Bowie and Kerouac.”

Blackman’s introspective and evergreen songs are a perfect companion for rainy road trips and other musings. There’s something of the past in his music, not retrospect, but memories we all share, tales of the human condition in soft focus. His smooth, expressive vocals and equally delicate and powerful composition create an atmosphere of magic that mesmerizes new and existing audiences alike.

Euan Blackman’s music has been featured on BBC Merseyside, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, BBC Hereford, and Worcester, and BBC Shropshire. The Perfect Tempo described him as having “the rare ability to stop you in your tracks when you hear his music.” Blackman’s music has been praised by the likes of Radio 1 DJ Jack Saunders, acclaimed folk artist Benjamin Francis Leftwich, and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

Fans of Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Phoebe Bridgers, and Bruce Springsteen will feel at home with Blackman’s memorable sound and compelling offering.

The last two lines of the song – “I won’t give you every single star in the sky/But I will give you everything I’ve got tonight” – suggest Blackman understands that love is “a wonderful thing if you get it right” and only then. Listeners sense his caution to avoid overcommitting and failing to follow through, a practice that feels too common in relationships. Instead, Blackman promises what he is confident he can deliver: honesty, sincerity, passion, and adventure. And it can’t get any better than that.

Listen to “Sinking” below and stay tuned for Euan Blackman’s forthcoming EP, Grateful For The Moments Spent Alone. Follow our Alchemical Weekly Spotify Playlist for this and more great music featured on the site.  

Cynthia Gross

Maryland-based singer-songwriter Cynthia Gross seeks to inspire an awakening to all we are and all we can become. With a passion for language in all of its forms and more than a decade of experience as a professional ghostwriter, she is a light seeker who understands the power of each individual’s voice to create positive, meaningful change.

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