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Escape The Box Buries their hate in ‘Grave’ 

What makes the pop punk genre so enticing is its ability to balance the beautiful side of vocal talent with some of the most aggressive. It is what allows the artist to reflect complex emotions. We’re not just talking about rage…We’re talking about patient, quiet, bubbling rage. Lead singer Ziey Kizzy says Escape The Box’s newest song ‘Grave’ “is about loathing somebody so much you literally want to bury them in your head”.  The song writing matches that sentiment perfectly.  

Ziey Kizzy has a knack for the pop and R&B vibes; those soothing vocals are demonstrated in his solo projects like “Reflections On Both Sides”. He says that when sitting down to write, he’ll often come up with lyrics and melodies more suited for that style but when guitarist Aaron Maulin comes back with “Disgustingly heavy” sections, he’s forced to kick it up a notch. This dichotomy in instinct is what allows the band to take on a sentiment as heavy as “… bury them in your head”.  

‘Grave’ opens up with a gentle electric guitar, think “Midwest emo be like…” memes. Kizzy’s staccato pop vocals beckon the audience, guiding the listener threw the verse before throwing them into the chorus with powerful screams and instrumentals that feel heavy enough that some sub genres would consider it a drop. The lyrics describe a person holding back big emotions before releasing them in the chorus. The song takes another verse followed by the chorus and hook that keep the audience in the chaotic realm of screams paired with LouZy Hero’s drums and Stephen Smith’s bass tones best described as THICC. As the song fades away, we hear synths and layered vocals… perhaps the voice of whoever was buried?? 

The whiplash between the pretty and overstimulation is shown in the visuals. The video shows a man burying a body bag and a claustrophobic close up of Kizzy. When the heavy sections come into play the zoomed in face is layered with others as more undertones from Kizzy’s screams are heard. A representation of being in one’s head with rage and hate.  

Escape the box hits every beat needed for a powerful pop punk track. Beautiful clean vocals, heavy beats, and lyrical content that is right for spooky season and any other time of year. ‘Grave’ is a great representation of what the band is about, they demonstrate their ability to be heavy as well as reserved. The pop punk fans will appreciate this and other of their tracks like “Come Down” and “Self Control”.  

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Alchemical Records Contributor Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez

Carlos Ramirez is a broadcaster from the DC region and lover of all things performance art with experience in theatre, television, and radio. Carlos believes one of the most important details that makes music magical is the culture. Supporting the artist is just as important as enjoying their art. Therefore, when he’s not on the air, you can find him at every open mic, hole in the wall, and basement show in town. @LosOnAir

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