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Eryn Michel releases hand-crafted debut single “You Say”

Join us in welcoming Eryn Michel’s [EH-rin MIH-shel] first release called “You Say” into the world. “You Say” has been a labor of love for Eryn. She channeled her new production skills, learned during the pandemic, into an honest and personal expression of herself through this first single. Eryn takes the listener on a journey connecting near and far, accessible and longing, possible and impossible and smudges all the lines in between through a purposefully watery dreamscape. Eryn is a masterful lyricist and prolific songwriter and “You Say” will be the first of many releases we get to enjoy. We can expect a number of collaborations in 2023. Buckle up!

Eryn is an Americana, Folk, and country songwriter/singer who carries a torch for waltz-time ballads. Although she’ll follow a song wherever it wants to go, the music she releases draws comparisons to Sarah McLachlan, Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins, Ethel Cain, and even a softer Alanis Morisette (this one surprises but delights her). In quarantine, she has been fortunate to flourish as a voice actor and instrumental producer. Eryn draws from a rich well of experience, both musically and in life. She served in the U.S. Army as a Civil Affairs Sergeant in Iraq, attended UCLA for political science, and then served in the White House. She quickly soured on war and politics, so she turned to music and motherhood to restore her soul. She now resides in Maryland with her husband, daughter, and live-in songwriter mother.

Eryn wanted to release “You Say” ahead of a flurry of collaborations. She felt it important to establish the foundation of who she is as a songwriter and as an artist. The creation of “You Say” is 100% born and bred Eryn. She wrote it. She performed it. She produced it. She mixed it. She mastered it. She released it.

Now, put those headphones on and go listen to it. We did – and we loved it!

Find “You Say” on all major streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Kim Shires, contributing writer of Alchemical Records and founder of Hear Me Roar Studio

Kimberly Shires

Kimberly Shires is a producer and owner of Hear Me Roar Studio. She is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is passionate about empowering women to express themselves through music. Outside of music she enjoys hiking, biking and snuggling with her dog. Kimberly has called the DMV home her whole life.

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