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Eric Scott Drops Highly Anticipated Peace Bomb

Washington D.C. singer-songwriter and bassist Eric Scott has finally dropped his highly anticipated single “Peace Bomb,” from his forthcoming album with the same name. The song itself has an incredibly timeless quality in both its arrangement as well as lyricism: choosing to focus on principles of family, education, and imagination as the core ingredients of what constitutes a peace bomb. Scott hints at the role personal accountability has in eliminating hate and injustice at the source, rather than individually pointing out any one of the possible manifestations exhibited through negativity.

The music video for “Peace Bomb” features the acting talents of young Colter Britt, who seemingly embodies the innocence and the desire for everyone to come together that has been a theme for so much of Scott’s music over the past two decades. Britt is a child at play, singing and making music, coloring, and dancing; exhibiting all the artistic expressions of what we can accomplish when we unite constructively and creatively. These may be an homage to the kind of creative communities that exists across so many types of medias and platforms, highlighting the connection each form of art plays in developing and elevating another.

“May we all see the world thru the untainted lens of a child and remember the optimism and joy we felt as kids during these troubled times. Maybe the children can teach us a little something,” says Scott.

The next single from Peace Bomb, “Scene Of The Crime,” is slated for release on Nov 27th. For more about Eric Scott, please visit

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