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Emma G: SMILE “Official Video”

Music video by Emma G performing SMILE © 2018

Produced by Flightboy Music and DJ Reality Check Purchase, Emma G’s debut album “TAKING FLIGHT” here:

Written about Emma G’s experiences starting her career as a street performer and musician working in the nation’s capitol: Washington DC, Emma G would watch people every morning as she sang for them during their morning commute and marvel at how something as simple as a smile could change a person’s day – or even week. “I regularly receive letters from people thanking me for simply acknowledging them. Love is a powerful tool. Imagine what we could do if we harnessed more of its magic? ESPECIALLY in big cities like Washington, DC”. “Smile” is an engaging, energetic, and empowering ballad that is uncompromising yet radio-friendly, as listeners are taken on an aural journey of pop, rock and EDM. “We can change the world, we can make it if we try, we can save the world, if only I can make you smile.” Emma challenges everyday communities of the power of people. There’s no question; this song will leave you feeling positive, empowered, and as if anything is possible. After all, President Ronald Reagan said it himself: “if not now, when? If not us, who?”

“SMILE” is available May 1st on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, Tidal and wherever else you discover good music!

Produced by: Flight Boy Music and DJ Reality Check Video production by: Darin Smith.

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I don’t wanna hold your hand
If I can touch your soul
It’s a solitary dance If I’m doing this alone
But I can see it in your eyes
Won’t you let me make you smile
It’s an open ended call
And it’s up to you and I
We can change the world
We can make it if we try
We can save the world
If only I could make you smile
I don’t wanna play naive
It’s a roller coaster ride
A war against myself
A war inside my mind
But I feel it in my soul
It’s the simple things in life
A promise to be bold
A promise to do right
We can change the world
We can make it if we try
We can save the world I just wanna make you smile.
Oh it’s an uphill battle if we don’t believe
A simple connection is all that we need
I don’t wanna hold your hand
If you won’t open up your soul
It’s a solitary dance
If I’m doing this alone
We can change the world
We can make it if we try
We can save the world I just wanna make you smile. 

This video was made possible by Emma G’s patreon tribe! Carol Fisher, Bobbie Kahklen, Helen Heinrich, Catherine Riccio, Knight Kipplinger, Sara Faivre, RDB, Allen Hueffmeie, Kelly Wulf, Thomas A Alderson, Tristan Mace, Jenefer Duane, Roland Michelitsch, David Harvey, Soren Peterson, Eryn Busch, Eric Whitaker, Denise Chrosniak, Tim Royle, Silence Echoez, Jed Daniel Warren Hill, John Feffer, Music Giff, Lawrence Blue, Ilana Navas, Ming Lowe, Sean Keys, Charlie Birney, Jermaine Lassiter, Ruby Harper.

Michael J. West

Michael J. West is a freelance writer, editor, and jazz journalist who has been covering the Washington, D.C. jazz scene since 2009. He spends most days either hunkered down in the clubs or in his very big headphones. He lives in Washington with his wife and two children.

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